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"I have purchased your music, in fact, all 3 titles: Ananda, Pax and Somnis. My clients are commenting on how much they enjoy the music"
-- Katherine Zimmerman, CCHT, PhD, California Hypnotherapy Academy -

"I bought Ananda from you a month or so ago. I was wondering if you have made any other long mp3's in a similar vein. The music I find is dark and broody yet uplifting and spiritual - I really like it!"
--Garry Webster CHP(NC), PNLP, MNRHP

“Thank you Annie for composing Ananda. I am so glad I bought it! I particularly like the way the beat of the music gradually slows down, and when appropriate, by switching to track 2, the music speeds up again. Also, I have had several clients spontaneously comment how nice the music is.”
-- Paul Ogilvie, Shrewsbury, UK

“Annie,  I just wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art.  The first time I listened to "Ananda" I had the most amazing energy meditation - like one of the best Reiki sessions I've ever had!  You, through your music, have the ability to calm and  clear my mind - this needs to be out there working in the Energy world!” -- Sue Weinert Hull, RDH,BS,CHt



Relaxing Music

I've designed my relaxing music so that you can de-stress and chill out without being jarred by tracks that are more upbeat. So much relaxation music is just an album with a variety of different tracks - some relaxing, others more upbeat. Just as you're chilling out - bam! A perky song wakes you up. It's also PERFECT for Reiki sessions.


If you're wanting some relaxing music to listen to while you unwind from a hard day at the office, then this is the place for you. If you're a hypnotherapist wanting Royalty Free Music for your hypnosis products, please order from my site.

Both ANANDA and PAX albums have been designed as one continuous piece of relaxing music with a second track for when you're ready to come back to the world. Whether you want a 20 minute meditation or a 50 minute decompression, just skip to track two when you're ready. It's perfect meditation music, Reiki music or even yoga music. I'm a Reiki master and musician so I bring both disciplines into my music. My experience with scoring music for film also allows me to evoke feelings in the listener. And with these relaxing music titles, the feelings I aim to evoke are that of peace, relaxation, expansion and love.

SOMNIS is my specially designed sleep music. This sleep music gets slower and softer, lulling you gently to sleep. It comes in 3 versions. One very powerful version includes a BRAIN ENTRAINMENT feature. The sleep music, Somnis, gently pulses to encourage your brainwaves to enter into to DELTA (sleep) more quickly. Read more about brain entrainment here.

Hypnosis and Music. What a powerful combination. If you want a wonderful way to relax, combine my music with cutting edge hypnosis written and voiced by Dr. Tim Brunson. Choose from a variety of topics. Plus we've got a wonderful sleep package that includes SOMNIS as well as a specially designed hypnosis session to condition your mind for good sleeping habits.



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