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"I have purchased your music, in fact, all 3 titles: Ananda, Pax and Somnis. My clients are commenting on how much they enjoy the music"
-- Katherine Zimmerman, CCHT, PhD, California Hypnotherapy Academy -

"I bought Ananda from you a month or so ago. I was wondering if you have made any other long mp3's in a similar vein. The music I find is dark and broody yet uplifting and spiritual - I really like it!"
--Garry Webster CHP(NC), PNLP, MNRHP

“Thank you Annie for composing Ananda. I am so glad I bought it! I particularly like the way the beat of the music gradually slows down, and when appropriate, by switching to track 2, the music speeds up again. Also, I have had several clients spontaneously comment how nice the music is.”
-- Paul Ogilvie, Shrewsbury, UK

“Annie,  I just wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art.  The first time I listened to "Ananda" I had the most amazing energy meditation - like one of the best Reiki sessions I've ever had!  You, through your music, have the ability to calm and  clear my mind - this needs to be out there working in the Energy world!” -- Sue Weinert Hull, RDH,BS,CHt








Stress Management

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People experience stress in varying forms and degrees every day. In small doses, stress can actually be beneficial to us. When the stress becomes too great it becomes a problem, affecting our physical and mental functioning. This CD will help you to eliminate stress so you can enjoy every day of your life.

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