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"It was very relaxing. I did feel my headache slipping away by the end recording." - Doreen D.



"When I listened to your session I felt totally relaxed so much so that even though I did get interrupted I was able to stop the recording and on restart went straight back to where I left off without any problem." - Finola B.



"This session sent me into a trance! My brain is still trying to work it all out. Obviously some very powerful concepts."
- Margaret C.



"I personally found the session to be very nurturing and empowering - the simplicity added to the power." Moira H



"This session certainly deeply relaxed me, and I almost went into a sleep state a couple of times. I noticed that my breathing deepened, and I felt overall warmth, especially in my feet."
- Thomas B.



"I loved this trance. The "in between" words helped me let go and drift. I really did experience a healing movement in the gut, an uplift, a joy, a confidence that healing was taking place" - Nancy P.



"Awesomely inspirational stuff. Never fails to amaze me." - Debra T.




Relaxing Music

Hypnosis Relaxation Sessions

Dr. Tim Brunson has a wonderful set of relaxation hypnosis titles when you need that extra bit of help relaxing. All orders will be processed through

25 minute PAX soundtrack - choose the nature sound you like best.

Creative Relaxation

Can you just imagine what it would feel like to lead a life without worry? Are you ready to just let your troubles melt away? Are you ready to let your mind experience a wonderfully relaxing massage?

You will find that our Creative Relaxation series is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing experiences that you have ever had. These sessions are like taking a well-deserved vacation without leaving your home or office.

Dolphin Visions

Is stress building up in you? Do you feel that you can’t take a break to get away from the stress of everyday life? This self session will melt away pressure and tension over a backdrop of soothing ocean waves.

MP3 Price: $ 19.98 BUY NOW

The Magical Forest

Deep regular relaxation is crucial for a healthly mind and body because it counteracts the negative effects of everyday stress. This session will enable you to enter a deep state of relaxation easily and effortlessly, experiencing the renewing power of nature all around you. Stream background.

MP3 Price: $ 19.98 BUY NOW

Tropical Paradise

Do you feel your life is so frenetic and stressful that you can’t even catch your breath? Do you need deep relaxation to recover from the stress of daily living? This session will take you where the sky is always a sparkling blue, the sea is clear, and tropical flowers and birds enhance the beauty all around you.

MP3 Price: $ 19.98 BUY NOW


Stress Management

Purchase this title by MARCH 30, 2010 and SAVE!!
Download Price NORMALLY : $19.98.
Now only $1!

People experience stress in varying forms and degrees every day. In small doses, stress can actually be beneficial to us. When the stress becomes too great it becomes a problem, affecting our physical and mental functioning. This CD will help you to eliminate stress so you can enjoy every day of your life.

MP3 Price: $ 1.00 BUY NOW


GREAT DEAL! Order our sleep package and you get two hypnotherapy products to listen to during the day. Insomnia No More will condition your mind for sleep. Stress Eliminator will help you relax so you're not so wound up before bed. You also get both SOMNIS Brain Entrainment version AND SOMNIS with Waves so you can listen to soothing music as you drift off to sleep.


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