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"I have purchased your music, in fact, all 3 titles: Ananda, Pax and Somnis. My clients are commenting on how much they enjoy the music"
-- Katherine Zimmerman, CCHT, PhD, California Hypnotherapy Academy -

"I bought Ananda from you a month or so ago. I was wondering if you have made any other long mp3's in a similar vein. The music I find is dark and broody yet uplifting and spiritual - I really like it!"
--Garry Webster CHP(NC), PNLP, MNRHP

“Thank you Annie for composing Ananda. I am so glad I bought it! I particularly like the way the beat of the music gradually slows down, and when appropriate, by switching to track 2, the music speeds up again. Also, I have had several clients spontaneously comment how nice the music is.”
-- Paul Ogilvie, Shrewsbury, UK

“Annie,  I just wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art.  The first time I listened to "Ananda" I had the most amazing energy meditation - like one of the best Reiki sessions I've ever had!  You, through your music, have the ability to calm and  clear my mind - this needs to be out there working in the Energy world!” -- Sue Weinert Hull, RDH,BS,CHt




Relaxing Music

Instructions how to make your own CD's and SAVE MONEY!

Are you a little unsure about how to make CD's?

It's easy when you know how!

Step 1. Create a folder in your DOCUMENTS folder called: BREVEMUSIC

Step 2. Purchase the items you want to download.

Step 3. You will be taken to a download page with a list of the songs/tracks you have purchased.

Step 4. Click on the first track.


You will get a message: Do you want to open or save this file?

Choose "save"





You will then have the option to save the file. Browse your files until you find the BREVEMUSIC folder you previously set up. Press SAVE.

Continue downloading all the files.

Close your web browser.

Next open your music program. All PC's should come with a music program built in. Windows Media player normally comes standard. Apple and PC computers can both use iTunes.

iTunes is FREE and I would highly recommend downloading this program if you do not have a music program that you like.




If you are using iTUNES, go to FILE | ADD FOLDER TO LIBRARY.

Choose the BREVEMUSIC folder.




To make your CD.


You want to create a NEW PLAYLIST.



Name the playlist the name of the album (for example, ANANDA).


Drag the track(s) into the playlist and then open the playlist.


Insert a recordable CD.

Press "BURN". If you are burning a CD of PAX or ANANDA, you will want to set the gap between tracks to 0 seconds.









In Windows Media Player, you would also ADD A NEW PLAYLIST and drag the files to the playlist before burning.


Although I have submitted my music to ALLMUSIC for registration, it has currently not been cataloged. This may cause GraceNOTES or ALLMUSIC to try to incorrectly recognize my music and suggest alternate (wrong) titles. When this happens, your music program may try to re-name my music. If this is the case, note the name and change it back to the correct name once the file has been imported into your music program.


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